There have existed varying degrees of anonymity in musical output throughout 2012. The staggeringly vast estrangement of vaporwave artists from their work presumably originated as a means of distancing credibility from each release while also allowing for curious meta-contexts to take on the guise of a creative force. Meanwhile, others have tried to distance themselves from the music they create through (dub)stepping out of the limelight in allowing for the tunes they produce to speak for themselves, void of any excess contextual baggage.

Hanetration falls into the latter category: an anonymous musician with a slowly emerging back-catalogue of EPs and a recent release on Vulpiano Records that has already sunk its teeth into the gloomy, tribal realm in which it operates. The music comfortably nestles itself in an autumnal glow of rippling drone and spiked percussion that is looped, scuffed, and corroded across the breadth of the eight tracks that are currently available for free download at the artist’s Bandcamp.

Whatever we might expect to see emerging from Hanetration in 2013, there is little doubt that it will come soaked in an obscurity that is, in this instance, secondary to the music. For as long as the artist keeps pumping these sorrowful, resilient tones out of Vulpiano, Bandcamp, or wherever else, there is sure to be an audience peering in from afar. This distinctive producer is one to look out for in the new year — though at this stage, there is little indication as to the clandestine direction they might be coming from.

• Hanetration: http://hanetration.bandcamp.com
• Vulpiano Records: http://vulpiano.tumblr.com

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