♫♪  Headband - Magnetic Earth

My first-grade son’s report card has a “study of magnets” entry for which he received no grade, so I assume he’ll tackle those bad boys in marking period 4. The timing’s not great — I could’ve really used his input on this one, Headband’s Magnetic Earth (Unifactor). I can never remember how magnets work — something about positive attracts positive, because like attributes should hang out together? I could probably google it. C Monster would certainly approve of me taking more online initiative. (Hi, C!)

But I have no time to google at the moment, because I’ve stuck my noggin into Headband’s proton exhaust manifold and come away with a shimmering galactic space dome for my troubles. Physics warp all around Duncan Moore’s synthesizers — he’s the captain of this crazy ship after all — as if everything we do and do not know about Earth is fair game out in the vastness of space, liable to be rendered insignificant when faced with wider universal truths. For example: magnets — do they work like we expect them to? (To be fair, my expectations are more confused than anything.) Another example: will this beard that I’m growing continue to flourish out here in zero G?

Whether or not you can make sense of this crazy science foray is less important than hurling yourself unprepared into Headband’s void here. Knowledge of anything is secondary — the only prerequisite is allowing your mind the capacity to expand as far as it goes and in whatever shape it goes in. Maybe the oscillations and textures are messages. Maybe they’re catalysts intended to fire up the parts of our brains we don’t consciously use. Either way, I got nothing useful beyond my eternal prattlings. Nothing but a shimmering galactic space dome now. For my troubles.

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