♫♪  SEF III - “The Fly By Knight Operations”

and earthworm
what the trombonist used to do. Tomlinson, Rudd and Grey
and while the trombone is widely perceived as an instrument of amusement, these days, and not as a serious concert instrument
so it seems
the trombone is riding the freight elevator
high to low
smearing the way along looksie and Thames
plugging the drain
once maestro said “I need the trombone”
and patrons readily agreed
nowadays the plea is likely to fall on deaf ears
to the laugh factory
whether it works that way or not

and also the helicopter
what role does the helicopter play anymore, Willis,
now that our drones are strapped with thick cameras

and there used to be people in Essex last Saturday out on a shopping spree
buying shampoo and furniture, and popcorn for a snack
the owner with the bowtie, Bengie, I think
lorded over the curious patrons and vendors
thirsty for a sale
hoping that delegating the entire table to used shampoo was economical and made the sale, go home happy
what a great Saturday

  and what role did 3D mapping used to play? Unfortunately, I witnessed dozens of them chew through the chicken wire. Pets on sale went loose into paperboard holes, making nests from incised wire. Back then, Bengie was hoping Big Chief wouldn’t come around this particular Saturday with the clipboard and short pencil taking points off for reasonable offenses. He didn’t come around, and that’s what made it a great one.

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