Heavy Hawaii
Airborne Kawasaki

I’ve been wondering when Heavy Hawaii were going to get off their asses and actually release a debut full-length. The time has come! With “Airborne Kawasaki,” the band has picked up the pace and finally gotten their heads above water. Which isn’t to say they’ve lost any of their waterlogged charm. Matt Bahama’s gargling-water vocals are still intact. The guitars and drums still sound recorded from the other end of a high-ceiling concrete room. And the 1960s pop tambourine hits and doo-wop harmonies still glue together the reckless, lazy garage rock sound. Oh yes, this is a good sign of things to come, finally!

Listen to “Airborne Kawasaki” below and look for the full-length LP, Goosebumps on San Diego’s Art Fag Records on March 19.

• Heavy Hawaii: http://heavyhawaii.bandcamp.com
• Art Fag Records: http://artfagrecordings.blogspot.com

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