♫♪  Heavy Hawaii - “Super Bowl XXIX”

How did an instrument as deeply rooted in religion as the organ ever become a surf-rock staple? It’s huge, heavy, and nearly impossible to actually play on the beach. It was probably some kid who died in a surfing accident and his friends held the funeral “where, like, he would have wanted it to be, bro: on the beach” — and just like that, the connection was made. A new religion comprised of beach-bums as disciples, stoned conversations about life as the gospel, and some mix of worship-style harmonizing and instrumentation as the choir. Granted, most of this just takes place in garages and basements now instead of on the beach, but the idea is still nice. And I’ll be God(?)-damned if that classic surf-rock formula doesn’t still work today.

Check out Heavy Hawaii’s “Super Bowl XXIX,” off a three-track 7-inch on Art Fag.

• Heavy Hawaii: http://heavyhawaii.bandcamp.com
• Art Fag: http://www.artfagrecordings.com

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