♫♪  Helm - Rawabet

Dig as deep as you can. Begot the soul. Locate what you’ve best been known to follow. Asymmetrical shadows cascade. Smoke penetrates inside. Dilation and night vision. Placing thy part of self into an object intangible. But the elements of the earth collide. Discovery of being at -102%.

Rawabet [a.k.a. Helm: Live in Cairo] is complete madness. It’s a sailors dive into a black hole. In Rawabet, listeners can hear the same demons conjured by Prurient in Cocaine Daughter, equal parts blow-out Savage Young Taterbug, and higher-quality production like Lotic. And Helm is self-releasing it on cassette (Pre-Order HERE). Details:

Rawabet is a live album from Helm documenting a special performance that took place on a bill with Maurice Louca in front of a sold-out audience at the Rawabet Theatre in Cairo on October 22nd, 2015. It’s also a snapshot of a period of pan-continental touring which took Helm from Egypt to Austria and then to Canada in three days. During these shows material from his recently released Olympic Mess album was re-imagined, expanded and performed alongside new and “other” material to add an alternative perspective to the original recordings. What ended up being performed in Cairo that night owed a lot to the energy of the city and thanks to a superb recording and mixing job by Khyam Allami, Rawabet can be seen as the definitive live document of Helm to date.

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