♫♪  High Wolf - “Kulti”

Continuing with my fat-burning posts to combat the calorie-fueled adverts on the sides of our TMT website, I present to you via Not Not Fun: “Kulti” by High Wolf. So, strap on your tribal headband, and lets get fired up. Oh, and by “fired up,” I mean make almost all of your workout gear (minus that headband, c’mon) using nature and begin dancing around a pit of flames. This week we’re working on sweat. Feel the weight sizzle at your skin, and drip away from what you once called your twin. We get it; you’ve convinced everyone that your “twin” is a tumor and can’t be removed. But in reality, it’s all them burgers and shakes, yo. Get into the High Wolf step, and “Kulti” twice as fast. Being outside gives you an in-tuned and natural state of mind, so embrace it. And as the dried palms turn loose, your workout gear withers away as sweat pours from your body, and you think of how conveniently uplifting this circumstantial metaphor makes you feel: lightheaded and hopeful. As is High Wolf’s track “Kulti” off his new LP Kairos: Chronos, coming June 4 on Not Not Fun. Sweat the sweetness.

• High Wolf: http://highwolf.bandcamp.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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