♫♪  Hiro Kone - “Rukhsana (Feat. Drew McDowall)”

Transition from cassette release to vinyl for a musician is a big step. There’s shit loads of more money that goes into this sort of change. And more-so: faith. So respect to homies at Geographic North for keeping the Hiro Kone flame flickering, because from her new single, “Rukhsana (Feat. Drew McDowall),” thumb-clicking that Bic results in a roaring fire. “Rukhsana (Feat. Drew McDowall)” is light and taken for every bit of sound one can catch within the grooves of each spin of the plate. Echoing and twiting, vocals immerse the listener in a state of paralysis. All veins froze before shattering the icy stance of anxiety by moving to the rhythm like having never seen someone danced before. Like an unspoken language everyone starts to repeat like it’s a reality. Hiro Kone taking Geographic North through a whole new magnetic pull:

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