Drew McDowall to advance the human genome on The Third Helix LP for Dais

Drew McDowall to advance the human genome on The Third Helix LP for Dais
Photo: Lena Shkoda

Where do you you go career-wise when you’re Drew freaking McDowall? I mean, you’re not going to get any more prolific than Coil, and I hear that whole “gazing into the abyss” thing has some long-term side effects. So what do you do? Apparently, the answer is this: take on the very DNA of the human race.

Drew McDowall has announced his newest solo effort will be a full-length record for Dais records titled The Third Helix. (The first two you may have heard of.) “For his third release on Dais, Drew McDowall reaches into concept, ritual, and immersion, in an exercise of unravelling the DNA of hallucination,” the label says. The Third Helix comes out September 21.

People who refer to McDowall’s music as “dark” electronics would be wise to check out “Rhizone,” the new record’s opening track (listenable down below). It’s anything but: a soaring score of strings and trembling clangs. A little less Skinny Puppy, a little more Richard Wagner. And don’t worry; you still have time before the entirety of our species is rewritten, so go on and pre-order the LP while you’re at it! Oh, and be sure to catch McDowall at one of his upcoming live shows posted below. It might be your last shot!

"The Third Helix" by Drew McDowall

The Third Helix tracklisting:

01. Rhizome
02. Tendrils
03. Impulse
04. YLL
05. Proximity
06. False Memory
07. Nothing Is Hidden
08. Immanent Condition

Drew McDowall live dates:

08.31.18 - Montemor-o-Velho, PT - Forte Festival *^
09.18.18 - New York, NY - Fridman Gallery +
09.19.18 - New York, NY - Fridman Gallery +

* collaboration w/ Florence To
^ performs Time Machines
+ record release show w/ Hiro Kone

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