♫♪  HKE - Care For You

has had a profound effect on my life. There’s a current discussion on the back-end of TMT currently regarding Post-Internet personality, to which I now respond with search engine brand names. As I continue to find myself throughout the ethereal, IRL, URL, dimensional, and in love, it was truly a blessing when I read “The data continues” on TKX’s Bandcamp. Sure, I’ve a love for a lot of what David does. A lot of it I don’t care for at all. But David’s vigor and dedication. The posterity and gal. That Post-Internet brevity like a WCWxNWO #wolfpack from the past wrestler that barely had a name comes back to create a symphony of atmospheric emotions. I can’t….

Care For You will be another bit of throws that enlightens my life in the infinite. Dwarf’d:

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