Oof, this fucking jam again. Caught this a bit ago, but have been lazy about writing recently; fuck you, I still listen to the classy and trashy of it all, just sometimes hard to write on the subway when, “You bumping my elbows, man. Come on!” And I’m reading.

So, okay, RE: “Oof, this fucking jam again.” [Editor’s Note: ROUND TWO, amirite?] BEER ON THE RUG is celebrating Halloween this year… actually, I don’t know that, so maybe they’re not celebrating. However, y’all should echo your canals with A DISTANT PARADISE by Hollow Gem.

It’s got a reel too. Digital for all you people who are fast and better than me. But the poise and lack of control bouncing back and forth in A DISTANT PARADISE just claws at the listener in almost a shock-value type way. As if Hollow Gem is developing a listener PTSD, by-way of elongated frantic sounding ambience. Not sure if my mind is cracking, but cheese fell of this cracker years ago:

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