♫♪  Hollow Gem - Tangible World

The interior life. Clapping stilly. Pages eared to wander around in later. Buckled fleece. Small triangle. “You got it all.” Turning around to find a peeking eye asking a question from beneath a comforter. Soothing monologue. Holding up a burnt strip of carpet. Acknowledging variety. Leveling out perception. Dull moon walks. Stumbling past dead leaves. Letting the snow fall. Time raked away.

The scratch of another’s armpit. A slap in the street. A jersey put on during breakfast. Being fucked together. Our Tangible World obliterated. By sound. By the collection of sounds. By presence and held moments. A strong wind.

• Hollow Gems: https://hollowgem.bandcamp.com
• Big Ear Tapes: http://bigeartapes.com

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