♫♪  Holy Other - “Held (Tim Hecker remix)”

Conjure a few criticisms of Holy Other’s music, and a lack of atmosphere is bound to be one of the last things to enter your mind, right behind “not enough vocal samples that sound like human beings undergoing demon/gender transformations.” However, like that now passé meme about cowbells, some people just can’t get enough atmosphere, and who better to satisfy that desire than the musician who may as well live up there… no, not Felix Baumgartner. He’s not a musician. Tim Hecker. He’s a musician, who has in fact remixed the track “Held” from Holy Other’s 2012 album by the same name (TMT Review). Press play below, and please also take note of the Mogwai-inspired remix album due November 23, on which Tim Hecker will also appear.

• Holy Other: https://www.facebook.com/holyother
• Tim Hecker: http://www.sunblind.net

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