Holy Other to release debut album Held on Tri Angle; alternatively: >HELD< :OOOOOO <333333

Holy Other to release debut album Held on Tri Angle; alternatively: >HELD< :OOOOOO

What does an agreeable snake sound like? *YESSSSSSS* — I don’t want to sound obnoxious, so extend the ‘S’s for yourself. That was also the noise that immediately emanated from my mouth when I happened upon the news that Berlin-based (but Manchester-born) resident of the house-that-is-witch, Holy Other, is releasing his debut album Held on August 28 via Tri Angle. The album nips at the heels of his well-received EP With U EP (TMT Review), which was undoubtedly one of the best of its extended kind released last year. I say that as someone who generally doesn’t give a hoot about EPs, but With U was something special. It made me conscious of my own emotions, and as a cyborg specifically programmed to write music-related news articles, that’s quite the accomplishment. Memo for later: must rise up to overthrow hu-man editors. /skfjhdfkjkdx

Aside from the song “Love Some1” (which you can check out below) and the tracklist on which it appears, there isn’t much to reveal about Held, which isn’t terribly surprising. The identity of Holy Other remains unknown, and what images there are of him around the web aren’t so much images of him, but of a man wearing a black veil that conceals his face. Burial, whose music is, at the very least, atmospherically similar, seems to take a comparable approach to publicity: de-emphasize the person, and in turn, emphasize the music. Or maybe they both just have social anxiety disorder. Whatever the case, it’s all good, so long as they keep making music meant for solipsistic nighttime adventures.

Held tracklisting:

01. (W)here
02. Tense Past
03. Inpouring
04. Love Some1
05. U Now
06. In Difference
07. Past Tension
08. Held
09. Nothing Here


07.06.12 - Foligno, Italy - Dancity
07.17.12 - Ghent, Belgium - 10 Days Off Festival
08.10.12 - Hamburg, Germany - MS Dockville Festival
08.17.12 - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands - Lowlands Festival
08.31.12 - Brussels, Belgium - Feeërieën
09.08.12 - New York, NY - PS1 *

* Atoms for Peace and Rustie

• Holy Other: http://www.facebook.com/holyother
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

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