♫♪  Hunted Creatures - Hunted Creatures

Something lurks in the untamed wilds of the Allegheny River Valley, and Hunted Creatures are on alert.

A White Reeves Productions supergroup of sorts, Hunted Creatures features, on this release, constant member and label co-head Ryan Emmett (Cartoon Forest, White Reeves), label co-head Micah Pacileo (Supervolcano, White Reeves), and pal Jeremy Yamma (Earth/Vessel). Together, the H(a)unted Creatures concoct a wide variety of keyboardy weirdness, recalling spooky sci-fi and straight-to-video 1980s horror. In fact, the weathered VHS quality of the sound only adds to the skulking menace.

Sleep Weed is no narcotic, even as some of its passages drift unmoored into space, or open ocean, or across a 3D digital grid, or wherever your mind happens to wander. It demands attention — DEMANDS it — as layers upon layers of edgy drone assault your mind. It almost feels like you’re being toyed with, batted like a ball of yarn by a synth-slinging cat. Gently nudged by unseen hands, maybe, or watched by a Predator as you stoop for water by the Allegheny’s banks. (Don’t drink Allegheny water, please.)

So, are Emmett, Pacileo, and Yamma actually the eponymous Hunted Creatures, or are they the ones doing the hunting? Are WE the prey scurrying for cover and cowering in the flora as gigantic alien spacecraft patrol overhead? Where did gigantic alien spacecraft come from in this crazy hallucination brought on by … GASP! Sleep Weed?!

It was Sleep Weed all along.

Hunt or be hunted. But whatever you do, listen to these kooks at their nefarious work.

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