♫♪  Hunted Creatures - Mogollon Rim

There’s an embrace possessed by Hunted Creatures in their latest release, Mogollon Rim, that not even the brilliance of their Robert Beatty cover art only barely, but brilliantly, provides. There’s definitely hues of lighter colors of similar variety, but within the shadows of this piece is where listeners find a creative pull of something briskly familiar, yet starkly set at a distance. Shall we say a distance of five paces? Whether you win or lose, it’s just the beginning of the adventure, for the quest goes beyond measurement, as the mind has boundaries, but the psyche is endless. This is where the Mogollon Rim rests.

Well, if you’re a fan of Hunted Creatures, Ryan Emmett may sound familiar by-way of Orange Milk Records to you. So if you dug Portrait of a Dog and (streaming below) Mogollon Rim, head to the Dynamo Sound Collective label-page to snag it! Dynamo Sound Collective’s last release is Mogollon Rim by Hunted Creatures, and there’s a copy entwined right now with your name on it ready to reel!

• Haunted Creatures: http://huntedcreatures.bandcamp.com
• Dynamo Sound Collective (Retired): http://www.dynamosoundcollective.com

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