♫♪  Ikonika - “Diffusion Bonding Process”

Ikonika was given some homework in science class and instead of turning in a paper she turned in this. While she might have failed to logically explain diffusion bonding, she interpreted a process via music production with alarming accuracy (Give yourself a science lesson.)

Fresh off releasing her dance-heavy Position EP this August, the Hyperdub producer combines the kick heavy sound of Position with the intricate but not-very-traditionally-beautiful synth work of her older releases. You would think that smashing metals slowly into each other with massive machines would sound clunky, but as the track and the actual diffusion bonding process prove, it’s smooth, simple, and ultimately satisfying.

“Diffusion Bonding Process” is part of DJ Moxie’s Moxie Presents Vol. 1, a collection of organized, glitchy tracks that go in deep. Special shout out to the wild Deamonds track Bars!

• Ikonika: https://soundcloud.com/ikonika
• DJ Moxie: https://soundcloud.com/djmoxie

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