Ikonika explains her absense with announcement of new album Distractions on Hyperdub

Ikonika explains her absense with announcement of new album Distractions on Hyperdub
Artist's rendering: Ikonika's "Mind Palace"

Say what??? It sure doesn’t feel like it’s been four years since Ikonika’s last release. But, as the title of the renowned dubstep producer/DJ new one alludes, perhaps I was just DISTRACTED by the torrent of new music from other artists that’s constantly splashing me in the face like some sort of non-torturous form of waterboarding, because four years have indeed passed.

Throughout that time, Ikonika (a.k.a. Sara Abdel-Hamid) seems to have turned an ear toward new music herself: instead of churning out full-lengths for the Hyperdub label — where she theoretically keeps regular office hours right next door to Kode9 — she’s reportedly been working on a slew of remixes, recollecting tracks from Dawn Richard, Austra, Junior Boys, Chvrches, and more. (The Austra remix, in particular, took a song about [something, something] blind idealism and added some new resigned rhythms, reinforcing the notion that life is a constant existential struggle. I’m not a fan of the maggots in the original video…)

Remix time must over though, because Ikonika has just stepped away from her desk to announce that Distractions, her new full-length album, will be out June 2 on Hyperdub. A preview of the album left me with the following reaction: “These beats sound like they should be backing some Jessy Lanza vocals!” And sure enough, Lanza contributed said-vocals on the track “Hazelfield,” while Andrea Galaxy and grime artist MC Jammz, uh, say things on the tracks “Noblest” and “Sacrifice,” respectively. Pre-order the whole affair right here, and listen to the track “Manual Decapitation” (which is surprisingly chill, given that title) down below.

Distractions tracklisting:

01. Girlfriend
02. Noblest feat Andrea Galaxy
03. Manual Decapitation
04. Lear
05. BGM
06. 435
07. Do I Watch It Like a Cricket Match
08. Sacrifice feat Jammz
09. Love Games
10. Lossy
11. Not Actual Gameplay
12. Not
13. Hazelfield feat. Sweyn J & Jessy Lanza

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