♫♪  i_like_dog_face - Memories Are Traces of Tears Mix

i_like_Sarah Viviana Valdez and the audio wing of their multimedia art practice i_like_dog_face

i_like_this mix and its title, and thinking of the traces of salt on my cheeks leftover from the tears that I shed yesterday prompted as they were, as ever, by me crashing up against a lingering memory

i_like_how music saved me yesterday, including the songs found on this one

i_like_minutes 15:00-19:30 and 34:30-50:30 for their insistent wooziness and space-age swoon

i_like_minutes 50:30-59:20 for pulling me out of that haze while still speaking right to my heart

i_like_the female voices in these minutes, and all other minutes, circling around my head and heart

i_like_that the track list is coming as some later date so I can keep checking back, eagerly awaiting

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