♫♪  i_like_dog_face - Sleepless Illusions

i_like_dog_face’s third release, following cassettes on Cephia’s Treat and Popnihil, muses forth as a 12-inch on North Carolina’s Hot Releases.

Sleepless Illustions collects five year’s worth of wonky, lullaby-like loops, entropic electronic instrumentals, and a handful of at times grating, funky, and wistful ballads that helix together as one tangled in covers while tossing through a restless night.

Stirring vocal performances and declarative, handmade rhythms feel kindred with Maralie Armstrong’s VALISE project, as well as Just the Right Height’s beautifully caustic musical poetry. i_like_dog_face’s sounds seems to lurk slightly farther into the shadows, though—spirits I watch in windows through wrought iron gates.

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