♫♪  Inkke - “Lego Riddim”

The first track off of Inkke’s Crystal Children EP shows off what the Glasgow producer does best: relentlessness and silliness simultaneously. It’s like a video game. As “Press Start” flashes across the screen, we take a deep breath, wanting to press start but our eyes and ears are tranfixed. But then 30 seconds hits, we press start, the beat drops, and Inkke thrusts us into a world that is full of violence, but at the end of the day, we know that it isn’t reality and we are safe. I appreciate electronic music where the focus isn’t on how technologically saavy the software and hardware is, but on how the producer chooses to use electronic sounds. Yes, electronics can do things that acoustic instruments can’t, but they can also do the things that acoustic instruments also can do. I just keep imagining Kirby crying pixelated tears then walking across a dangerous and colorful field to exact his revenge on the enemy. A sadness and loss so palpable but so contained in a world unlike our own.

• Inkke: https://soundcloud.com/inkke
• Local Action: http://localactionrecords.bigcartel.com

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