Inkke to release Secret Palace on LuckyMe

Inkke to release Secret Palace on LuckyMe

On July 15, Glasgow’s Inkke, a.k.a. Russell Patterson, will release his debut EP Secret Palace on LuckyMe, the label associated with fellow Glasgow compatriot Hudson Mohawke. Merging elements of grime, hip-hop, and trap (RIP), Inkke, who has previous releases on Local Action and Astral Black, is putting out a record that slaps as much as O.G. Rustie or Machinedrum, circa 2011.

Starting the EP with a MIDI pan flute melody on “New Day Theme” reminiscent of James Ferraro or Kane West, Patterson, who is coming off a 2015 collaboration with Novelist, quickly rolls through with a solid selection of bangers, such as the club-ready tracks “Chores” and “Tales From The Quick,” just in time to give you that summer feeling, oh my.

Listen to “Tales From The Quick” here:

Secret Palace Tracklisting:

01. New Day Theme
02. Chores
03. Tales From The Quick
04. Sorry
05. Simmer
06. Ghost World

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