♫♪  INRA - Suburbs Of Utopia

There’s no question about it: I will find a way to communicate with all y’all when I die. This is just of the flesh, you know? And I love the majority of you. I actually tried to figure out who I hate this weekend, and it was hard. Kim Jung-Un came up because of that boy from Cincinnati, but otherwise, my hate is hard to pinpoint. Though I shall also mention eagerness to “get thru.” I’m not too sure of where or when, but it certainly lies within the secrets of PINKBOX TELEPORT’s most recent release of Suburbs Of Utopia. Guised in the mechanisms of grandeur, INRA is the portal of life. The beckon of all that have come and continue to go throughout the adversity of playmate. My mellow my man. My comfort can cry crooked cross these craniums. It’s good to let it all out. I’m already planting seeds of deterioration. Take the trip:

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