Berlin dub duo INRA announces sophomore album The Content Consuming Its Form, premieres title track

Berlin dub duo INRA announces sophomore album The Content Consuming Its Form, premieres title track
INRA's Rhensius & Ben-Nun (Photo: Macarena Gómez)

Please hold your applause in favor of breakbeats and finger snaps — because INRA, the Berlin-based drone dub poetry duo consisting of Philipp Rhensius and Adam Ben-Nun, have just announced the upcoming release of their sophomore album, The Content Consuming Its Form, with New Orleans label Pinkbox Teleport on November 30.

Following last year’s Suburbs of Utopia, which had Tiny Mix Tapes calling INRA “the portal of life,” The Content Consuming Its Form looks to make good on its titular promise, thereby outlasting the duo’s already traveled vortices…even if only to inhabit and devour new sonic-futurist paradigms. As INRA writes, “People used to dance like robots/ Now they dance like humans trying to be robots.”

It’s this kind of sardonic obeservance that pumps the devilishly droning feedback, spastically polyrhythmic breakbeats, and drunkenly dubbed poetry (pub dough-etry?) bleeding out the forthcoming album’s title cut. Premiering today, “The Content Consuming Its Form” is seven-plus minutes of club-wrecking revolution for the mind and body; like Linton Kwesi Johnson and Mutabaruka if they grew up on jungle and grime rather than indirectly help inspire those genres.

Get gorged-on by “The Content Consuming Its Form” down below, pre-consume the whole album here, and check out the upcoming album’s tracklisting and perspective-shredding cover art by Marat Beltser.

The Content Consuming Its Form tracklisting:

01. The Last Summer Before Web 2.0
02. I Don’t Have Feet
03. She’s Like The Silence In Ingmar Bergman Movies
04. The Content Consuming Its Form
05. 5 Likes After 7 minutes
06. Free Powersnacks In The Co-Working Space

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