♫♪  Institute - “Powerstation”

HEYYYEEHEYYEEEEEYHOOOAAAAEEAOYYYEEEYHHEY—sssmart move, turning it up above the conversation; if folks try to shout over this one, they’ll blow out their vocal cords, out the air hatch, into cold merciless space. Stale blow out of cigarette smoke onto a tattoo inscribed on lean muscle—and don’t you know that that is still bad for you you know. If only if only we could watch in kodak color 360 vivid 3d xrays of our organs as they get splashed by nightly intake of liquid pathogen carb bubble erosion at the club, the drive-thru, the bodega, the gutter. Smoke, ink, amplification, drink, malnourishment, oblivion; as Willie would sing, it ain’t no good life but it’s my life. The night will never end, and yet the sun will never set. On top of all that, the socket needs a new bulb every thirteen hours and the pharmacy is short-stacked.


Jun 07 — Northside: Brooklyn, NY
Jun 10 — Brooklyn Bazaar: Brooklyn, NY
Jul 18 — El Club: Detroit, MI
Jul 24 — The Drunken Unicorn: Atlanta, GA
Jul 29 — Sunnyvale - Brooklyn: Brooklyn, NY

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