♫♪  Institute - “Salt”

Interpol’s still putting out records, and if you agree with our quintessential optimist Simon Chandler that evocations of melancholy have a self-nullifying effect with each consecutive release, then you’ll be happy to know that Institute are here to send you off into mild emotional purgatory! Lyrics can’t convey sadness if listeners aren’t totally sure what those lyrics are, after all, and for that reason, we’re doubly happy that lead singer Moses Brown has chosen to confuse his expressions of relationship ire through deliberate garbling and half-pronunciations. Wait, was that “relationship?” Equally possible, he may have been issuing a “rallying” call for “shins,” for some reason…

Formed in March 2013, the Austin-based band is releasing their debut EP Salt on Sacred Bones October 14. The initial bassline of the title track (listenable below) had me anticipating a secret cover of Joy Division’s “Disorder,” but thankfully, it ends up being so much more — and more punk — than that.

Saltines are the key! Your vocals are boring and comprehensible without them!

• Institute: http://institute.bandcamp.com
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

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