irr. app. (ext.)
“Not Your Melted Silver Crayon”

irr. app. (ext.), the nom de plume of Matthew Waldron, has been mightily prolific since the late 90s; when he’s not churning out releases on labels like Beta-lactam Ring, Gnarled Forest, Nihilist, and his own Errata In Excelsis imprint, he’s recording/performing/collaborating with Nurse With Wound’s Steven Stapleton, making surrealist art au service de la révolution, or apparently getting all internet social with Bandcamp, SoundCloud, MySpace, Facebook, and

His latest track is called “Not Your Melted Silver Crayon.” Read what he had to say about it and then listen below:

This palpitating wedge of curdled soundwaves is the result of some new strategies concerning instigating sounds from other living things. Under the pretense of wanting her advice on some visual projects I was working on, I invited my sister over and then forced her to play the guitar for me — something she had never done before in her life. Amongst the different sources I provided for her as a rhythm track was a recording I had made by using her pet Pomeranian as a percussion instrument; that recording is also used in this particular mix. The dog’s thick fur created an effect that reminds me a little of brushes on a drumkit. Most of the sound here is derived from different takes of my sister playing the electric guitar and bass for the first time, but some related sources have been added: the same Pomeranian going into a berserker frenzy to protect its grungy little plush cow toy, the neighbourhood geese having their yearly jamboree, one of my sister’s cats on a liquid binge, and even a short interlude in the middle of myself playing a delicate prepared cantata on my sister’s out-of-tune piano.

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