irr. app. (ext.)

As an earlier part of the development of modern minimal noise recordings and pioneer for artists with digital-age monikers (e.g., Macintosh Plus, Mediafired, INTERNET CLUB, USRNM, LMFAO, etc.), we owe a lot to irr. app. (ext.). Having produced a slew of soft and sinister sounds for over a decade, irr. app. (ext.), known as Matthew Waldron to his mother, has released a new track on his SoundCloud. The track is called “Ollottrilotlillittaialiattat” (have fun with that) and is described as being a “cross-section of 10 years of accumulated textures” by the artist. He also mentions that he’s added “abstract free-zz so the youth market has something to dance to.” Those LMFAO kids don’t know shit — irr. app. (ext.) is true party rock.

• irr. app. (ext.):

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