♫♪  izy - Izeman [Complete Cycle]

Family is everything. Being OUT HERE is exactly the spot. Otherwise you lost. Family be everything. Who do you experience? What’s your daily? How are you proud today? Stick to it. Show that honor. Respect the hustle. There’s nobody more alive than izy. Within this body.

Izeman 1

Basement instrumentals backed by Color Plus (Swim Team squad-legend [recent NTS mix]), the trilogy of Izeman is a bold statement that grinds on garage-grime turned linger-bass, as the seduction of izy is infinite. Only one stream of consciousness. All-everything; no focus. It’s boarder-line demonic and flagrant el sacomán. Speaking in tongues. How’s that for modern gospel?
Fighting-conscious rap. These transmissions buzzing airwaves.

Izeman 2

Where as Who The Hell Is Me (on Bootleg Tapes) was lyrically more straight-forward, the Izeman series cements those ultra-early hours of boarder-line shameful clubbing. Where the love lives. Renting a VHS in Queens. A kissing booth for izy’s foulest of jest words; like a Pollock of hip-hop literature. Splattered with vernacular. Twisted into sweet, bits. A tow for a mouth.

Izeman 3

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