♫♪  james matthew - Twenty one

Half of the ungodly tasteful FAMILY EVENT, james matthew has gone ahead and fucked your ears with Twenty one. Be prepared to stay in bed. Tell your boss to suck an egg, ‘cause work just isn’t happening after Twenty one hits.

Remember sacking up and feeling the heat under your seat? Well, james has lit that fire for you once again. Dusted loops and 404 madness make themselves known. And after your first one or two or thirty listens, get out of bed and walk around with Twenty one. Maybe try to find some monkey bars to climb above and gain a different vantage point. You know, quit swinging. Fuck, swing away and quit looking. Either way, make a change. Lose sight of familiarity and find comfort in altered boom bap. Is there room for more compression? Who isn’t here? You?

james matthew: https://jamesmatthew.bandcamp.com

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