♫♪  Janet Jackson - “No Sleeep” (EASYFUN Remix)

As we reported   3   day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release #  5  , we get a new [song/video/album/EP/mix/other] from   EASYFUN   titled   “No Sleeep,” a remix of Janet Jackson  . It’s a really   twinkly   and   I don’t know… jaunty?   [song/video/album/EP/mix/other]. A person on social media said   “i love how happy this sounds omggggg”  !

  “No Sleeep,” a remix of Janet Jackson   follows   EASYFUN  ’s last release, which was   helping out on Charli XCX’s Number 1 Angel as Easy FX (with A. G. Cook)  . That one was very   twinkly   too, but also   SO EMOTIONAL  .

Experience   “No Sleeep,” a remix of Janet Jackson   by   EASYFUN   [above/below], check out the previous Month of Mayhem release right here, and don’t forget to   read a brief Q&A with EASYFUN by A. G. Cook pasted lovingly below  .

See you tomorrow!

Cook: I don’t think either of us have a strict ‘process’ when it comes to working on music, but do you remember any key decisions that influenced the direction of this remix?

EASYFUN: Only that I thought it would be fun to try and make a drop that doesn’t start on the downbeat.

Cook: Is Stravinsky the best composer of all time?

EASYFUN: That’s a leading question. Yes Alex, I like his music but sadly he didn’t write any pop and that’s my favourite kind of music. I’m sure if he had it would have been great.

Cook: How do you feel about Spotify?

EASYFUN: Love it. Particularly New Music Friday, helps me stay on top of things and hear tomorrow’s hits before anyone else.

Cook : What’s ur fave Janet song and why?

EASYFUN: ‘Love Will Never Do (Without You)’ from Rhythm Nation. I really like how the final chorus loops weirdly.

Cook: What’s ur fave Jam & Lewis production and why?

EASYFUN: I think it has to be ‘If It Isn’t Love’ by New Edition. My gateway one!

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