There’s a feeling walking all around this town, and it’s on tip-toes. Like a dancehall made of glass and everyone got high heels on. Sharp steps with intent on where the next move takes them. Living on the outskirts. Finding every last corner of the city to club to death. Portable flickering lights. Dropping out the speakers until the blow or your Bluetooth runs red. Hair that shimmers against the bald head and leather like PVC and plastic fucked a wardrobe. Passersby either witnessing and joining in or rolling along. As if something were still moving in the background. A fist fight. And it wasn’t the first. Resolved by grinding close. Mesh shirts and everything else mesh or fur. White. Florescent lighting flickering, but not to a beat. New PEDICURE RECORDS THE DIGITAL DREAM GIRL - CRAWL by JEL is your new manic pixie girl.

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