If what happened to clowns and what happened to ‘cheese pizza’ happens to experimental music, shame on our reality, because a flower looks just fine in a field, and JEL’s THE DIGITAL DREAM GIRL sounds just fine in our ears, even if our rabbit ears are caught in the rabbit hole…gopher hole…some kind of hole on the green…groundskeeper Murray and a garden hose turning out sediment and whisky, ingested through the mouth and nostrils. When ears are caught in a brown bourbon barrel, if it says it’s from Kansas City then it must be from Kansas City but something tells me we’re not in Missouri anymore; we’re not making bathtub gin like we used to do, when we used to make bathtub gin and not break any local laws. In fact, we don’t need a bathtub a’tal, no need for hygienic practices when living in the abstract and the experimental.

It’s cold, so cold out here.

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