♫♪  J.G. Biberkopf - Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess

The shades are drawn. CD-R ((in stereo)) drowns out the town. Cushions brighten up the room. Indoors, all is calm. An alarm, a timer, very little else; a perfect environment to process the noise, as J.G. Biberkopf does. He injects urban audio-observations into bald bleached digital pink. A conceptual coping mechanism?

It’s Brita for sound. The filtration system is swallowing the till and boiling the sediment. Your own personal bubble of law and order, where the rules can bend without an excuse. Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess is optimistic. Its walls are cold and smooth. It seems to be at peace with the external mess and with the internal quietude.

Utopia is nosing past the exosphere. With less and less room to work with, megapolis must build up. Where else? Well, how about sideways or backwards? How about by a swamp or in a field? There’s wilderness — not darkness — at the edge of town. Alone in the wilderness, it’s easy to keep warm. On Asgardia, not so.

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