SHAPE platform announces 2017 roster ft. Amnesia Scanner, Toxe, Danny L Harle; shares exclusive guest mix ahead of Novas Frequências festival

SHAPE platform announces 2017 roster ft. Amnesia Scanner, Toxe, Danny L Harle; shares exclusive guest mix ahead of Novas Frequências festival

Not that Rio de Janeiro necessarily needs your attention as a culturally rich city that’s home to more than six million people, but after this year’s summer Olympics, it’s assumed that most non-Brazilians turned their head away from the birthplace of bossa nova after their respective country’s athletes ceased swimming ferociously with the goal of winning a glaring medal. Any true fan of music isn’t limited by national borders, though, and with the upcoming Novas Frequências festival in Rio, set to take place this weekend, December 3-8, there’s genuine reason to revert your eyes toward the meaty part of the South American chicken leg.

Novas Frequências 2016 is the festival’s sixth edition and first time presenting a showcase from the relatively new SHAPE platform of artists (with whom TMT is partnering). The showcase includes Black Zone Myth Chant, J.G. Biberkopf, Mr. Mitch, Céh, Toxe, Andreas Trobollowitsch, Új Bála, Julien Desprez, Mike Rijnierse, Sis Mic, Stephen Grew, Gil Delindro, and Stine Janvin Motland.

According to SHAPE, 11 of the 13 acts listed above are on next year’s SHAPE roster (excluding 2016 SHAPE alumni Gil Delindro and Stine Janvin Motland), and how congruent that the second of the platform’s two annual meetings will take place in conjunction with Novas Frequências. The rest of the 48 artists on the 2017 lineup includes Amnesia Scanner, Danny L Harle (PC Music), Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.), and many, many more. Find the full list below.

To celebrate the new roster and the upcoming live showcase, SHAPE and Novas Frequências have graciously shared an exclusive mix with us ahead of the festival. It was compiled by Új Bála, one of next year’s SHAPE acts.

Listen to the mix below, and then explore the full 48-strong list of 2017 SHAPE artists.

[00:00] Stine Janvin Motland - “Herz”
[02:50] Andreas Trobollowitsch - “1’11”
[05:10] Sister/Body - “Moon Is Gay”
[08:55] Gil Delindro - “Floating Summit Audio Sample”
[11:55] Berosszulás - “Rohadásország II.”
[12:50] Céh - “Off(demo)”
[15:35] Mike Rijnierse - “Spuiplein”
[17:55] Earthly Bird (incl.Julien Desprez) - “Dodo”
[21:40] Mr Mitch - “Bullion”
[24:10] Toxe - “Determina”
[27:25] J.G. Biberkopf - “Waters”
[30:30] Equiknoxx - “Lizard Of Oz”
[32:38] 12z - “Katajjaq”
[35:08] Stephen Grew - “track 2”
[39:20] Black Zone Myth Chant - “Belshazzar”
[43:40] Demdike Stare - “Overstaying”
[47:45] ‘A bunch of hookers and cocaine’
[48:30] Új Bála - “Idared”
[52:48] S Olbricht - “Unsafe Sex With Well Known Djs”

2017 SHAPE lineup:

Alex Augier (FR)
Amnesia Scanner (FI/DE)
Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)
Anna Zaradny (PL)
Anna Meredith (UK)
Apeiron Crew (DK)
Battle-Ax (AUS, AT)
Black Zone Myth Chant (FR)
Boska (NO)
Céh/Új Bála (HU)

Chlorys (RO)
Christian Kroupa (SI)
Danny L Harle (UK)
Elektrovolt (NL)
Entrópia Architektúra (HU)
Fraction (FR)
Franck Vigroux (FR)
Gabey Tjon a Tham (NL)
Hiele (BE)

Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons (GR)
Inga Mauer (RUS/NL)
Jacques (FR)
J.G. Biberkopf (LT)
Julien Desprez (FR)
Lišaj (CZ)
Machine Woman (RU/DE)
Maoupa Mazzochetti (BE)
Mari Kvien Brunvoll (NO)
Matthias Härtig ( (DE)

Mike Rijnierse (NL)
Mr. Mitch (UK)
Ninja Sword (FR)
Olivia (PL)
Oriole &Linda Konone (LV)
Robertina Šebjanic & Slavko Glamocanin: Aurelia 1+Hz (SI)
Ron Morelli (US/FR)
Sis_Mic (FR)

Stefan Fraunberger (AT)
Stephen Grew (UK)
Thomas Ankersmit (NL/DE)
Toxe (SE)
Unknown Child (HU)
v4w.enko (UA)
Varg (SE)
Waclaw Zimpel (PL)

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