♫♪  Jlin - “I Am The Queen”

Errybody’s footworking now: white people, Derrick Rose look-alikes, tennis players, babies. Even you. And the women? While some are hip rolling and others are bobbing, there are plenty of female footworkers who are killing it in circles. Jlin, who runs with DJ Roc’s Bosses Of The Circle clique, is the only female footwork producer I know. You’ve probably heard “Asylum” and “Erotic Heat” from the second Planet Mu footwork comp, and you might have also heard her breakout track “808,” but you should probably hear more. Her latest track is “I Am The Queen,” a song she’s dedicated to the “lady footworkers.” I feel like I should make a Lady Foot Locker joke here. Anyway, check it:

• Jlin: http://soundcloud.com/ju-ju-1

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