♫♪  John Cale (remixed by Tim Hecker, Maria Minerva, and Actress) - Extra Playful: Transitions [remixes]

Nah, it’s not a dream team if you just remix tracks separate from collaborative works. But, yo, there’s potential here. I mean, what a grouping that would be: Cale, Minerva, Actress, and Hecker. Holy shit. (Saw Minerva live on Sunday and it was the bee’s knees. Here is another one of her efforts live as crooner-collaborator.) What do you think? Think they should all smash together they’s music styles? It might be hot. Maybe not video hot, but audio — I don’t mind ripping my ear buds to shreds. So, yeah. Hear are some remixes. Can’t believe I’m still posting remixes. But people keep making ‘em. #usingtheforce

By the way, these tracks are taken from the John Cale 12-inch that Double Six released on Record Store Day, which also featured remixes by Leyland Kirby and Alva Noto. Double Six will have a small batch of them for sale on its website starting next Tuesday, May 1.

• John Cale: http://john-cale.com
• Maria Minerva: http://www.myspace.com/mariaminervamusic
• Tim Hecker: http://www.sunblind.net
• Double Six: http://doublesixrecords.com

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