♫♪  John Wiese - “Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve”

Just try to stop John “Avalanche of Noise” Wiese from putting out another album. You can’t. So someone just go ahead and secure him more record releases and accompanying art books, because he’s got some shit you need to hear and then stare at. Oh, thanks PAN, the classy label that puts cool pictures with colored geometric lines on their covers! Way to be on top of this with Seven of Wands, a selection of conceptual compositions dredged from recordings Wiese made while on tour with Liars and No Age. An excellent addition to a metamorphic, rock-solid solo discography, on top of his work with Corydon “Obstacle Corpse” Ronnau in Sissy Spacek (the original celebrity band name) and a multitude of other collaborations. Onward to infinity.

• John Wiese: http://www.john-wiese.com
• PAN: http://pan-act.com

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