♫♪  Jonáš Gruska - “Volanie”

Slovakian sound investigator and fellow behind LOM - a platform for experimental music and handmade electronics out of Eastern Europe - Jonáš Gruska pulls out all conceptual stops on Spevy, a record abundant and alive with insects, contact mic’d objects, gamelan, bat detector playback, hydrophone plunges, trains, bobbing boats, beans in pots, and rumblings of K9 stomach.

An index of textures, with lots of roll and rattle in the paint can of your proximity, Spevy’s sounds and their sources hold diaristic resonance for Gruska. The assembled audio is immersive to the extent that you seem to join the composer in location.

Thematically stacked, exploring ideas such as pattern within chaos, ASMR phenomenon, and unconventional microphone techniques, Spevy actually plays quite spaciously, with lots of room and time for disparate strands of field recordings to tangle and turn. Then giant humming birds circle around your washing machine.

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