♫♪  Jonáš Gruska - “Volanie”

Jonáš Gruska’s debut LP Spevy was released earlier this year on his very own LOM imprint. Employing a wide sound palette - anything and everything from bell peppers to bridges to bats - this collection of compositions, arrangements and generative jams acts as both a portal and a diary. On the one hand, it feels like you’re there with Gruska recording patiently, but on the other, the album also feels (and is) very personal: “Each used sound has a strong emotional connection with Jonáš’s past and has its own story in the overall experience,” state the digital liner notes.

One of the LP’s standout tracks is “Volanie” (roughly translating to “a calling”), a song where alien life-forms join Bratislava’s crickets in song. Coincidentally, this particular song was already covered in Chocolate Grinder by Mike Pursley (read his review here), but I now have the exclusive pleasure of premiering an accompanying video created by MSHR (Birch Cooper & Brenna Murphy), who also created Spevy’s incredible artwork. I won’t say much more, just watch the mind-bending vid below, it’s totally worth it. And so it the very limited (and somehow still available) vinyl, which can be purchased via LOM’s Bandcamp page.

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