♫♪  Jordan Dykstra - Stressings [preview]

Stressings by Jordan Dykstra is 100% meditation music. There’s a thought process almost to it akin to a personal isolation chamber. All sensory is deprived of anxiety as Stressings fully places a veil of relaxation among the mindgrapes of all listeners, squashing the nerve senses that deplete contentment. Shut your eyes. Feel yourself soaring like the preview video for Stressings. With HD clarity, Jordan Dykstra has listeners reaching places of their brain that normally nodes can’t access. Contemplation like stretching one’s wings and becoming a cloud of smiles and serenity.

You can reach this potential via Jordan Dykstra’s Stressings out on April 1. Pre-orders are available now, as well as the first track “A Distant Continuum Towards (Annealing),” below. Enjoy peace of mind:

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