♫♪  Jordan Dykstra - “Darkened Bar” (oxalis version)

Together, gardening and listening to music are my most stress relieving activities. Fuck the beach. Fuck smoking/drinking/huffing. Fuck sitting on my patio. Fuck it all. Without music and gardening, I’d be a wreck.

Thankfully, my boiii Jordan Dykstra knows what’s up, as he pops a new video for “Darkened Bar,” and it’s TOTALLY the (oxalis version). Although I don’t have oxalis growing (yet), I very much appreciate the “version” application here for this new video (directed by Leif Anderson). “Darkened Bar” is from Jordan Dykstra’s upcoming album Audition, which so far sounds way more composed, but similar to Sean McCann’s Music for Private Ensemble (TMT Review). As well, anyone notice a likeness here to SPF 420’s home-boii Chaz? HAHA

No matter the comparison, if you’re digging the atmosphere swirling around the strings in “Darkened Bar,” you’re really in for a treat, as Jordan Dykstra’s newest Audition will take you through layers of scenes and situations. Each track is a visualization in itself, and Marriage Records, Shatter Your Leaves, and Modern Documents are DEFINITELY in on the idea, as they joint released the LP (pre-order now, here, immediately) this August 19. Prepare yourself to be whisked away!

• Jordan Dykstra: http://jordandykstra.com
• Marriage Records: http://www.marriagerecs.com
• Shatter Your Leaves: http://www.shatteryourleaves.com
• Modern Documents: http://www.moderndocuments.com

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