♫♪  Josh Hey - Beat Hotel [Just A Taste]

Sealing off 2016 with one of the year’s best beat tapes, TWENTYONE, Philly’s disciple of drop, Josh Hey, is back again-again on Paxico Records with a fire so lit, the whole place has already burnt down. Beat Hotel is sold TF out! Like, I ain’t playin’, I had to grip a ZINE (which actually looks DOPE; created by Dewey Saunders) to get one of the last copies of Beat Hotel from Paxico. But if you got the bandwidth and space, the latest prophecy by Josh Hey isn’t all lost: you can still pre-order a digital copy for that repeat button. If you were one of the lucky to grip Beat Hotel on tape, then don’t snap that reel with replays!

Why even invest? Good question! Beat Hotel (from what one hears in the [Just A Taste] tracks on Paxico Records’ Bandcamp) is a finely sharpened sound that Josh Hey has been working up to throughout the project’s discography. It’s getting home around 8 PM to a buffet of love on the couch; the moment your reservation goes through, but you have to spend the weekend with that co-worker that flirts tough with you; when you’re floored, but still completely conscious, and hanging onto wake is the only way to keep from falling off. Find a nod with these five Josh Hey nuggets. February 10, head on over to Paxico Records for Beat Hotel vacancy. Stay a minute:

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