♫♪  Josh Hey - “vince” / TWENTYONE

Ohhh, boy. Tiny Mix Tapes is really gearing up for the “Year-End Season,” y’all. So since I’m participating in the festivities, the Best-Of thought process brings me back to years prior, and after finishing Josh Hey’s newest TUESDAY TRIPS 005 via NTS, I kept on the SoundCloud continuous play, eventually running across “vince.” Last year, “Señorita” by Vince Staples was one of the heaviest woofer-blasters that could make a block hot from miles away. Thus, “vince” is a nice reminder of getting loud last year and how much the beat-scene flourished this year with Paxico Records, Leaving Records, Dirty Tapes, Acorn Tapes, Fat Beats, El Sereno Records, etc. Josh Hey keeping the heat on high:

Oh, oh shit! So speaking of year-end lists, Acorn Tapes tied for my favoritelabel of the 2016, but had I known Josh Hey was going in on the U.K. beat scene, it would have been a tougher call to make. And you read that right: Josh Hey has officially dropped TWENTYONE with plenty of overtime vibes. Lay-ups, dunks, bounce-passes, alley-oops, etc. It’s incredible to feel such a sense of nostalgic bewilderment through SOUND of all things. It’s like Josh Hey made a 30-minute collage of what my childhood felt like — all senses: the smell of your middle school gym, tasting Pop Rocks, hearing the radio fucking up a dub just-right while making a mix, seeing Scotty Pippen posters, and always feeling yourself. TWENTYONE is the distant idea of every becoming adult, and Josh Hey is the chrononaut that took us back. Member?

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