♫♪  JQ - Invisible

Wonder if a dial-up modem connection sounded like JQ’s Invisible, would the world have a whole different way of understanding and enjoying the internet today. What kind of affect would this sound have on people as they heard it throughout the years in harmonious ringing? Those juxtaposing notes weaving around themselves, around minds of a generation. Future, yet so simple to adore. Peaceful listening while logging on. The experiences then-after in association. A world beheld of memories vast in sonic magic.

Look no further! JQ’s Invisible is OUT NOW on New Atlantis via digital and cassette (almost sold-out) formats! The whole album sounds like a diamond under the sands of Arizona that you just found in a salt cave, so every motion you make is mimicked by a thousand crystal echoes that bounds off and mingle into a beautiful bundle of incredulous bliss. Feel the translucence of Invisible streaming below:

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