♫♪  Various Artists: New Atlantis - Volume 1

There’s nothing like it. I’ve this garden apartment with worlds in planters. Sometimes they co-join on the same oil. Air meet airborne. Yet well admired for the tenacity of selflessness. Let completely go and find that Jupiter that’s impossible to live with, or Earth, alone and brimming, and I see you, Pluto. Perennials and shit just coming back for more. Rabbits maybe on there. Even grown out that back-end. I. Don’t. Know. Please, don’t ring my apartment buzzer randomly at 3:34 a.m., kthxbye.

New Atlantis forked itself a new compilation of musicians ready to plant some thought seeds. Featuring: New World Science, Yamaneko, Throwing Shade & Deadboy, Sign Libra, JQ, L’Ron, Talbot Fade, Soda Lite, India Jordan, JV Lightbody, Webstarr, pre-emptress, Eye Measure, and Pyramid Scheme:

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