♫♪  Just the Right Height - “Follow your Heart”

I first heard of Keke Hunt’s Just the Right Heart project through her contribution to nice shop su’s Very Gois #03 compilation released in March of this year. I later saw her perform in June at Cixous72’s Anthesteria II showcase at NYC’s Trans Pecos. Eli told me to prepare myself. Eli told me that I wouldn’t have heard anything like it before. While much of her set moved along as brusque as “Follow your heart,” she also stunned with some seraphically operatic vocal work that I’ve been aching to hear again ever since.

Her candidly twisted poetry—vaguely chanted, vaguely instructed—throws a dagger through my chest like Laurel Halo’s, while her blunt rhythms and beats smash through soft skull in a similar sounding way to Odwalla1221. Hear the way she traipses and trudges through the underbrush, trips over tangled branches, calf gets scraped by a thorn, bleeds bleeds, scream scream out in pain, in joy for two upcoming physical releases: a 7-inch for nice shop su, forthcoming later this year, and an LP, Rampage, coming Spring 2018.

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