♫♪  Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - “To Follow and Lead”

Doppelgänger Kaitlyn & Dougie Kaitlyn (Photo: Tim Saccenti)

Hark: beloved modular synth sorcerer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is returning to our humble dimension in order to bring us a new record. The Kid, Aurelia Smith’s follow-up to last year’s smash EARS, is a double album tracing “four defining cognitive and emotional stages of the human lifespan.” This tour through the evolution of life itself is handled with the same subtle, brain-opening composition style we have all come to expect from the artist, and as testament, we submit to you “To Follow and Lead,” the record’s second single. Stream it down below.

In case you missed it, Aurelia Smith will also be taking her wheel of life on the road this fall. Check the dates here, and make sure to pay KAS a visit before she re-materializes inside whatever spectral temple she inhabits in the fog above Orcas Island.

The Kid appears October 6 from Western Vinyl. Pre-order it now.

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