♫♪  Kate NV - GMA11 (Grey Matter Archives mix)

Japanese musician CVN (angoisse, Orange Milk, Where To Now?) plans his dream dinner, draws up the menu, cooks for days, sweeps the floor, folds out the extendable table, lights candles, and welcomes most wonderful friends to the family-style banquet that is his Grey Matter Archives mix series.

The ever-growing guest list includes Cemetery, Kareem Kool, and LXV; Where To Now? labelmate Morkebla; angoisse’s founder David M. Romero and labelmates fdg., Theodore Cale Schafer, and ultrafrog; Orange Milk’s co-founder Seth Graham and labelmates G.S. Sultan and the inimitable Kate NV.

Kate NV turns up dressed like a perfect Pierrot. Kate KV brings flowers for the table. Kate NV drinks aperitifs out of tiny glasses. Kate NV sends pigeons flying out of her high hat. Kate NV does not check her phone, but, actually, no one does. The grandfather clock strikes 11, tick tock, ding dong. Kate NV disappears in a flash through the front door.

Click through the audio player to see the tracklist and head here to hear the after-mentioned rest.

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