♫♪  Katrina Stonehart - “A2”

Like softly running a branch along a chain link fence while staring through its diamonds to see the perfectly sectioned off images comprising a quiet pond on the other side, Drew Gibson’s Katrina Stonehart project has always had a wandering curiosity about it. Nowhere to be. The noise from the fence ringing out and seemingly sputtering into silence as the soundwaves reach the end of perception. A glancing upward to see where it has all gone. Without these limitations in hearing, everything would be noise. The transitions in song buried underneath the weight predecession. The dropping of the needle. Swells and silence simply adding texture to the overall body of sound. A drop in the pond, submerged to find its place among the rock bed keeping the water from being absorbed into the Earth.

There lies the unmarked “A2”. The water’s warm surface splitting as each voice makes an attempt at the sky, only to descend the moment they reach the apex. Floating motionless in the comfort of the swell of sound underneath, one can see how the pond maintains an overall structure, regardless of the unformed nature of its water.

“A2” is the first movement from Katrina Stonehart’s debut LP, out November 4 on Brooklyn’s Fire Talk Records. The whole release is limited to 100 copies, so pre-order now, or forever hold your peace.

• Katrina Stonehart: http://katrinastonehart.bandcamp.com
• Fire Talk Records: http://firetalkrecs.com

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